INFINITE ME is an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN with a heavy, vibrating presence and an irrevocable ear for writing. Their songs are overlaid by dynamic narratives that flow between the musical content. The five-piece's most recent EP "Past Tense," was recorded live by Jeremy Tappero at Pound Sound Studios. All art and design was done by Alexis Politz.

infinitememockupdisc - past tense.jpg

"Most remarkable about Infinite Me's sound and presentation is the way their songs wrap themselves around you like a blanket and pull you into a dream-like state. However, this dreamy quality would be impotent and powerless were it not for the constant darkness and introspective grief which the band portrays. This dual-potency of the surreal and the sorrowful combines during their set to recreate the unreality of the dream world with stunning accuracy - images flit by, people and places come and go, and all the while consciousness contemplates it's loneliness and singularity from within a dark emotional space which one leaves every morning at the bedside."

The creation of the album was accompanied by five 9 in. by 14 in. graphite illustrations to denote each song on the EP. Each song has a simple, visually appealing narrative that made the creation process stimulating and exciting. This project gave me the artistic freedom to illustrate a darker, sharp tone that perfectly describes this record and really gave light to the overall mood. These five illustrations became embedded in the album, CD, and merchandise.