UNTURNED is a pop punk/emo band from Minneapolis, Minnesota who is known for their energetic angst and heartbreaking lyrics -- bringing a crowd together like a family. Evolving from a solid three piece to an accomplished five piece in 2016, Unturned released Pituitary with heavy breakdowns and emotion. Pituitary was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Jeremy Tappero at PoundSound Studios and released on local music label, Tilde Records. All art and design by Alexis Politz.

unturnedmockupcd - pituitary.jpg

Pituitary was created across three panels as a continuous illustration that would later be segmented for their four panel CD layout. Pituitary's genesis floated in the idea of the mind -- a gland that promotes growth. After bouncing back personal interests and ideas, we gained visual inspiration from a variety of pop punk albums with a clean look.